The Family

The Family and Personhood

Just like an object of art—composed of color, line, texture, shape, and form—humans are designed with elements that are essential to our nature. And each of these elements is under God’s authority—life, marriage, sexuality, and gender. We find His perfect design in Genesis 1:27-28, also known as the Doctrine of Imago Dei (which is Latin for image of God).

What we are witnessing everywhere today is a direct attack on these design elements and their central structure: The family. Any attempt to separate, twist, or alter any of these design elements is an attempt to usurp God’s authority. This is nothing less than intentional corruption of the very nature of God’s wholistic design for the human person; the stripping away of meaning, function, and purpose.

God created marriage to be the context for our sexuality, for child-bearing and child-raising, and for intimate, passionate enjoyment within this sacred covenant. God created two genders, not a continuum. He created them with distinctions that reflect His image differently and fit them for marriage to each other. Confusion about this design comes from the culture, not from the Creator. And not because there is no absolute truth, but because sin has corrupted everything. The chaos and brokenness in our culture today is not because God’s design is flawed, but because we are actively rebelling against it. 

Personhood and the family

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