A collision of worldviews

According to the Barna Research Group, a person’s worldview—their moral foundation, ideas about God, and resulting priorities and habits—is formed between 15 months and 13 years old. Although people adopt a mix of different worldviews, we do have a primary one that we evangelize throughout our lives. Today, in our post-modern culture, Christians are battling both the formation and evangelization of multiple worldviews that are on a direct collision course with the biblical one.

“Why does worldview matter? Because it is the ground on which all ethics, morality, cultural norms, and by inference, all political strategies and policies stand.”

Dan Becker, President Emeritus, Personhood Alliance


Personhood Alliance - worldview
Personhood Alliance - worldviews in collision - abortion
Personhood Alliance - Worldviews in collision


What is a

biblical worldview?

Click on a link below to learn what it means to uphold a biblical worldview in the context of life issues.
What is Biblical Personhood?
Personhood and the Imago Dei
Five Biblical Truths: What the Scriptures Tell Us About Abortion

what is

situation ethics?

This view sprang forward from the Church in the 1960s, claiming that each person can define right and wrong according to what they feel is the most loving thing to do in a particular situation. But if our own definition of love permits us to break God’s commandments, then why do we need a savior? Click on a link below to learn more.
Situation Ethics 101

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In this view, whether something is right or wrong depends solely on the outcome, or its “utility” in larger society. The end justifies the means because the morality of an act is measured by the degree to which it achieves “the greatest good for the greatest number.” Click on a link below to learn more.
Recognizing Utilitarianism
Utilitarianism in the Pro-Life Movement
Why We Should Avoid the Beethoven Argument

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This view is an offshoot of Thomas Malthus’ theory of overpopulation and is deeply embedded in science and medicine. Eugenicists believe that humans are merely animals—not exceptional, not of intrinsic value. So human reproduction, particularly of “unfit” populations, must be controlled in an effort to self-direct our own evolution. Click on a link below to learn more.
Abortion and the Undesirables
What Is Genoism?
Transhumanism: The Emerging Face of Eugenics
Transhumanism: Mankind’s Greatest Threat