Standing for LIFE

Personhood Illinois is a voice crying out for life in a state that loves death. We are seeking the face of the Lord God Almighty to bless every person in our land with life, liberty, safety, and welfare.

In Illinois, we find ourselves in a clear David and Goliath situation. Our governor has defied the one true living God by enacting the most heinous abortion laws in the nation. Our primary focus is to humble ourselves, pray, and seek the Lord’s face and His forgiveness for our sins. We will also seek opportunities to address the Lord’s people, our government, and the citizens of our land. We will call them, in and by the power of Jesus’ name, to defend and protect those who are being drawn to death.

Personhood Illinois is currently in leadership transition and is seeking a leader. Is this you?

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Personhood in illinois

We invite you to watch this short video to gain a brief historical perspective about personhood.  Click the Learn More button below to watch the Personhood Principles pro-life video course. If you feel moved to take a stand, please reach out to us to get involved in Illinois!

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