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Personhood New York is a beacon of light and truth in a place of great spiritual darkness, as we work to advance personhood in the New York legislature and culture. We are currently fighting against the advancement of assisted suicide and euthanasia in New York. We also host the International Gift of Life Walk every year to bring pro-life New Yorkers out into the streets of downtown NYC to proclaim the gift of life! Our educational arm, Personhood Education New York, was created to teach the truth that each and every human being has great purpose because each is created in the image and likeness of God, through Whom our inalienable rights are derived.

Witnessing to the great value of each and every human being, because we are made in His Image.

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“This is a great time for us to be here. The personhood issue is an element of a cultural war between Satan and Christ. We definitely know Who will win that war. Our privilege is to fight the fight, with primary reliance on prayer and trust in God.”

— Professor Charles E. Rice

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