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Foundations is a semi-monthly publication of Personhood Alliance Education, the 501(c)(3) subsidiary of the Personhood Alliance. Twice a month, our readers get news from our affiliates, challenging stories from across the globe, access to new educational tools, and inspirational feature stories from the front lines of the personhood movement. Use the toggle menu below to check out some of our past issues.

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Personhood Alliance Education - Foundations
September 2021

In this issue: Infanticide in Belgium, Day of Remembrance, and declining masculinity

In this issue: California euthanasia, vaccine mandate tools, and defending motherhood

August 2021

In this issue: New exemption form, Safe City videos, and TX protects kids

July 2021

In this issue: Personhood MN, vaccine mandates, and Ireland’s euthanasia bill

In this issue: Killing the lonely, forced procreation, and COVID segregation

June 2021

In this issue: Death via Zoom, the Dobbs case, and transhumanism

In this issue: Memorial Day, Men’s March, and Oregon requires vax proof

May 2021

In this issue: Elder-neglect, vaccine liability, and gene editing

April 2021

In this issue: PP’s racist legacy, the 14th Amendment, and euthanasia

March 2021

In this issue: YouTube censorship, DQSH arrest, and Terri Schiavo

In this issue: Canada refuses pro-life case, conscience protections, and embryo research

February 2021

In this issue: Abortion-PPD link, chestfeeding, and Australia targets Christians

In this issue: Personhood film misses big, “pro-life” Kansas amendment, and euthanasia consciousness

January 2021

In this issue: Vaccine exemptions in VA, transitioning kids, and forced euthanasia

December 2020

In this issue: Being fully human, dismissing vaccine-abortion links, and dying alone

In this issue: Pre-Roe laws, Personhood CA, and a new Safe City in MS

November 2020

In this issue: Unethical vaccine testing, Texas affiliate, and Alaska personhood

October 2020

In this issue: COVID vaccines, PP racism, and child euthanasia

In this issue: Vaccine ethics, IVF, and another Safe County

August 2020

In this issue: What the Bible says about abortion, Texas defers funds from policing to abortion, and a Day or Remembrance

In this issue: A new president, the Hawley test, and midwives performing abortions

July 2020

In this issue: Mandated vaccines, federal personhood, and unethical biotech

June 2020

In this issue: Prenatal abuse, COVID suicides, and defeating DQSH

May 2020

In this issue: COVID-19 and the avoidable deaths of the elderly

In this issue: Petition delivery, charges dropped, and DIY abortions

April 2020

In this issue: Pro-life arrests, COVID-19 euthanasia, and distance learning

March 2020

In this issue: Italy’s coronavirus crisis, critical questions, and a sanctuary city lawsuit

In this issue: Euthanasia alert, NRLC opposes personhood, and a prayer request

February 2020

In this issue: Prenatal child support, the “hard cases,” and abortion grief

January 2020

In this issue: Sesame Street drag, a Super Bowl ban, and a model in Missouri

In this issue: Our new affiliate, Wisconsin’s amendment, and the March for Life

December 2019

In this issue: Sanctuaries for life, ethical stem cells, and abortion prosecution

In this issue: Children in danger and the future of repro tech

October 2019

In this issue: Personhood principles, the Heritage Foundation, and our affiliates

September 2019

In this issue: Defining the battle, tribute to a warrior, and Personhood KS

August 2019

In this issue: NC sanctuary, Netflix news, and our new affiliate

In this issue: Peter Singer, AMA refusal, and sanctuaries for life

July 2019

In this issue: The Alabama dad, men and abortion, and the AMA

In this issue: Petition updates and the death of Vincent Lambert

June 2019

In this issue: The Imago Dei, GoFundMe, and New Hampshire investigates PP

In this issue: Libraries, animal personhood, the census, and abortion pill reversal

May 2019

In this issue: Alaska, Netflix, Argentina, and unity

In this issue: What is personhood?, 100 million missing, and Iowa rejects PP

In this issue: Assisted suicide in NY, our WI affiliate, and the blog

April 2019

In this issue: Defunding global abortion, the Alabama dad, and protecting your kids

March 2019

In this issue: Georgia heartbeats, Down syndrome, and our new affiliates

In this issue: The Alabama dad, Lake Erie, and Nebraska sanctuary