Personhood Alliance officially launched

Contact: Genevieve Wilson, board secretary, Personhood Alliance, 770-339-6880

The cause of defending innocent human life—from earliest biological beginning through natural death—took a major step forward this weekend in the launch of a new national pro-life organization, Personhood Alliance (PA).

“This represents an earthquake in the pro-life movement,” Georgia Right to Life president Daniel Becker said. “Personhood Alliance stresses a back-to-basics approach to speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves at the state, national, and international level.”

Unlike what he called “outdated top down” groups, Becker said PA’s agenda, strategies, and activities will be determined by a confederation of state pro-life organizations and leaders.”Many existing pro-life organizations are out of touch with their base and are more interested in winning elections than saving lives,” Becker said. “Personhood Alliance will draw on the strength of local organizations in developing educational and political action strategies and activities.”

Representatives from 15 states—from Florida to Alaska and California to New Hampshire—attended the founding convention in Duluth, GA, which adopted the group’s bylaws and elected delegates and alternates who will have their first meeting in early March. Convention speakers included: U.S. Rep. Paul C. Broun; GA Congressman-Elect Barry Loudermilk; Molly Smith, President Cleveland Right to Life; Rebecca Kiessling, founder of Save the 1; Catherine Davis with the National Black Pro-Life Coalition; Jake DeVantier of 2nd Vote; Ben DuPre, Chief of Staff to Alabama State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore; Pam Stenzel and Monica Kelsey of Living Exceptions; and Joshua Edmonds, Georgia Right to Life Director of Education.

Personhood Alliance has established itself as a Christ-centered organization that believes pursuing Personhood is essential to protecting innocent human life in the 21st century. “Personhood Alliance’s goal is to bring the movement back to its original mission,” interim president Molly Smith said. “We will honor the fact that everyone is created in the image of God and deserves protection, regardless of manner of conception.”

Becker noted that the concept of Personhood has received widespread policy support since the inception of the modern pro-life movement. It is only in recent years that the revival of personhood, as a strategy, has been seen. Many of today’s pro-life organizations and leaders have come out in support of personhood as an immediate objective.