Personhood Alliance offers religious exemption form for COVID vaccines

Contact: Sarah Quale – president, Personhood Alliance Education,

UPDATE: The Personhood Alliance has released a new exemption form in response to the FDA’s approval. That form is here.
In response to the growing outcry against COVID vaccine mandates and coercion, the Personhood Alliance is offering a religious exemption form to Christians who are concerned about the ethical, moral, and religious implications of receiving the shot.
Sarah Quale, president of Personhood Alliance Education and chair of the Personhood Alliance’s vaccine ethics committee issued the following statement: “The Personhood Alliance has received numerous requests from people seeking a religious exemption from the currently available COVID vaccines because their employers and colleges are requiring vaccination in order to keep their job or receive an education. We strongly oppose these mandates because decisions on vaccination must be left to the individual.”
Quale goes on to say, “Where there is risk, there must be choice. People have a right to refuse medical treatment, especially one that is not FDA-approved and has an unprecedented number of injuries and deaths reported already. People have a right to refuse to participate in a medical experiment in exchange for providing for their families or furthering their education. From a religious standpoint, people also have a right to act upon their own moral conscience and refrain from injecting an abortion-derived therapy into their own bodies.”
At present, every available COVID-19 vaccine in the US has been either developed using aborted fetal cell lines, tested using aborted fetal cell lines, or both. The Personhood Alliance’s official position on vaccine ethics calls this practice “morally unacceptable” and urges Christians to oppose abortion-derived medicines. Their official position also regards vaccine mandates as “unethical and intrusive” and a violation of bodily integrity, where people are forced to disregard their deeply held religious convictions in order to accept a vaccine.
The Personhood Alliance has long been exposing the connection between abortion, human trafficking, and biomedicine, calling for consistency in the pro-life movement. Their vaccine exemption form aligns with this stance, providing practical help to address the wave of mandates coming from employers and colleges across America. Dr. Alan Moy, one of Personhood Alliance’s medical committee members, contributed to the content, and legal counsel Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., approved the language.
The Personhood Alliance’s religious exemption form can be downloaded from its website here. People are encouraged to use the form and share it as a resource for those who may be seeking guidance.
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