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Welcome to the Personhood Movement

The personhood movement is a diverse, growing community of individuals, organizations, and leaders who stand on the common sense, biblical principles of personhood. We seek to restore the fundamental right to life for all humans through education, culture shifting, and practical politics.

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Personhood is the right to have rights. It’s the basic acknowledgment that all human beings are human! Our race, sex, economic status, developmental stage, level of dependency, physical and mental capacity, medical prognosis, manner of conception, contribution to society, and wantedness do not change our humanness. They do not make us more or less valuable, equal, or deserving of protection.



State and local

From ballot initiatives and state constitutional amendments to Safe Cities and Counties, we can guide you in establishing personhood at the grassroots level.

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Learn about federal-level efforts, such as a Human Life Amendment or Life at Conception Act, that seek to recognize and protect the right to life for all humans, including the unborn.

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The culture of death is rapidly advancing across the world through population control measures that target specific people groups. See how we’re advancing personhood on a global scale.

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Personhood Alliance partners with CitizenGo and LifeSite News to amplify your voice on key pro-life issues. We’ve sent hundreds of thousands of messages in persons to elected officials and had a direct impact on local, state, and national decisions.

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Book a member of our Speaker’s Bureau for your next conference, meeting, or pro-life/pro-family event. Our speakers are leaders in the personhood movement and customize their presentations for you!

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We are a confederation of independent organizations that stand on biblical principles as we advance no-exceptions, no-compromise strategies in politics and in the culture. Join us.