Trump administration defunds abortion way beyond Mexico City policy

By Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq.,—On Tuesday, March 26th, the Trump administration threw down the gauntlet on George Soros and the globalist abortion lobby when it announced that it would expand the Mexico City policy and start to implement the Siljander Amendment. This Amendment was put in place in 1981 to ensure no U.S. foreign aid would be used to lobby for abortion, but it was never implemented…until now.

On Tuesday, March 26th, the Trump administration threw down the gauntlet against the globalist abortion lobby when it announced that it would expand the Mexico City policy and start to implement the Siljander Amendment. The Siljander Amendment was supposed to ensure that no U.S. foreign aid could be used to lobby for or against abortion. Basically, the amendment recognized the will of the American people—that abortion should not be a part of America’s foreign policy. Unfortunately, the international abortion lobby has been on the U.S. government’s payroll from day one, and although the Siljander Amendment was enacted into federal law in 1981, it was never implemented…until now.
The Siljander Amendment is especially important for countries that currently have legal protections in place for pre-born children. Many nations in Latin America and Africa have suffered incessant attempts by U.S.-taxpayer-funded organizations like the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the World Health Organization (and their multiple parasitic NGOs and international human rights experts) to abolish the right to life in their countries. Essentially, these NGOs have infiltrated and now control all of the major international organizations. Using this global power and influence, they created a U.S.-funded abortion lobby hidden behind the facade of implementing international law.
Tuesday’s announcement comes after nine US Senators sent a letter informing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of several international organizations’ blatant violation of the Siljander Amendment. They asked the Trump administration to issue a warning that it would deny or reduce funding to any organization that insists on advocating for abortion while receiving U.S. taxpayer money. In response to this warning, a coalition of pro-abortion NGOs, including the ACLU, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Amnesty International, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, and many other Soros-linked organizations, released a letter demanding that the U.S. taxpayer funding of these international organizations continued unabated.
Thankfully, the Trump administration did not bow to the demands of Mr. Soros and his pro-abortion cronies. In fact, their demands may have further emboldened President Trump and Secretary Pompeo.
In his press conference announcing the implementation of the Siljander Amendment, Secretary of State Pompeo said, “The institutions of the OAS [Organization of American States] should be focused on addressing crises in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, not advancing the pro-abortion cause.” He added that “to ensure our message is heard loud and clear, we will reduce our contributions to the OAS. Our reduction equals the estimated U.S. share of possible OAS expenditures on these abortion-related activities.”

Implementing the Siljander Amendment is massively important because it applies to all foreign assistance funds. Now, the State Department will examine all foreign aid, and if any international organization (not just NGOs, but multilateral bodies like the OAS and the UN) is pushing for the legalization of abortion, it will not receive U.S. taxpayer money. This decision is much, much broader than the Mexico City Policy, which applies only to health-related U.S. foreign aid, calculated around $8.8 billion. The Siljander Amendment covers all $42 billion of U.S. Foreign Operations, including all State Department funds and all USAID funds.
The Siljander Amendment hasn’t been implemented for almost 40 years. But now, America can start to put an end to decades of forced taxpayer funding of abortion across the world. Pro-life organizations must demand that the Trump administration’s bold announcement to reduce funds to the OAS be applied across the board to all international organizations. Then, and only then, will the American people finally get out of the business of global population control.
Sign our petition to thank Secretary Pompeo and President Trump and ask them to audit all international organizations as part of implementing the Siljander Amendment.
Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., is the president of Personhood Alliance and a licensed attorney in the commonwealth of Virginia. He is a human rights advisor to the Holy See Mission to the Organization of American States and works in Washington DC to stop the expansion of abortion in Latin America.

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  1. Mr. President Donald Trump,
    Thank you for standing up for pro-abortions groups to stop murdering innocent baby human beings.
    God Bless you!

  2. Thank you for this imperative move towards restoring the sanctity of human life around the globe. As a South African citizen, this action will have a positive impact on my country as a ripple effect of defunding abortions. Abortionists are supporting a wicked global money-making scheme that has devastated not only the lives of the unborn, but the well-being of deceived mothers-to-be as well. Thank you for these brave and morally sound efforts. May God bless all leadership that fights against the scourge of abortion.

    • Amen, Ingrid. It is encouraging to see a government that thinks in moral as well as geopolitical terms when formulating its foreign policy. One of the regions that will surely benefit from this new policy is Africa!

  3. May the good Lord bless and protect you. Stopping or even slowing down abortions would be the greatest thing your administration could accomplish!

  4. Neves Pereira
    Mr President Donald Trump,
    Thank You.Thank you Thank you. There’s So much to Thank you for I don’ t know where to start!! Thank you for saving the precious babes and infants.they are the glorious future.
    Thank you for your courage and Honor as you battle the evil around you.
    God Bless you and your family!

  5. Thank you for defunding abortion, keep up the great work! I recommend Unplanned the movie, it tells the truth about what abortion really is. In gratitude, Barbara

  6. Thank you for your courage and fortitude!

  7. Thank you, Mr. President, Mr. Donald J. Trump!
    Thank you, Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo!
    In the name of humanity born and specially unborn, of my family and of myself.
    May YaHVeH Bless you and yours,
    May YaHVeH show His Countenance to you and yours,
    May YaHVeH give you and yours Peace.
    Milton L. Pozo, MD

  8. South Carolina has the opportunity to protect preborn life in the Personhood Act of SC.

  9. Thank you for standing up to the world wide influence of a vicious and
    murderous ideology that continues to be forced on the poorer, more vulnerable people of the world in the name, Lord help us!, of liberation of women.

  10. God bless Trump and his people!!!
    We are with you!!!

  11. Thank you for hitting the profiteers where it counts – in their wallets.

  12. BRAVO! Thank you for the courage shown by President Trump and Sect. Pompeo.
    God’s continued blessings.

  13. Mr President Donald Trump
    Thank you for standing up for the unborn! As an Irish Citizen I was heartbroken when the 8th amendment wasn’t upheld. It’s so encouraging to see a world leader stand up for what is right and the truth. God Bless

  14. Thank you, Mr President, for having the courage to do what is right, even though
    many powerful, evil people keep the pressure on. Thank you so much.