Eugenics in 2019: Forced abortion for the disabled

By guest blogger Drew Hymer — A British judge has ordered a woman with learning disabilities to undergo an abortion against her will because the judge and the experts at the National Health Services have deemed it “in the best interest” of the mother and her child.

Sky News reports that a British judge, Nathalie Lieven, has ordered a twenty-something mother who has “moderately severe” learning disabilities to undergo an abortion. The unnamed mother is 22 weeks pregnant and wants to keep her baby, but government “experts” at the NHS Trust have recommended the baby be killed. The NHS Trust is a legal entity within the publicly funded National Health Service in England.
The pre-born child’s grandmother, a former mid-wife, is against the abortion and has offered to help her daughter take care of the child. A social worker that aids the family is also against the abortion. Despite their objections, the judge has decided that killing the baby is in “the woman’s best interest.” Obviously, the ruling is reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s forced abortions on the children of Jewish and Eastern European mothers and the infamous Buck v. Bell U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1927 that made forced eugenic sterilization of the “mentally unfit” constitutional.

It’s clear to all, except a sick judge and a disturbed group of “experts,” that women shouldn’t be forced to abort their children, regardless of their mental capacity. Every abortion is an act of force—-violent force—against the child. While the disabled mother will be forcibly violated, the child will be forcibly slaughtered.
Much like slavery was (supposed to be) in the slave’s best interest, Judge Lieven also claimed that killing the baby is in the baby’s best interest. The child would be at risk, she ruled, due to “the woman’s behavioral and psychological problems….The child could also potentially be placed into foster care.” This echoes what we hear more and more from abortion-rights advocates; that, just in case the child might later suffer, she needs to die now.  In other words, to avoid a possible future problem, killing the innocent right now is just a nice, clean, final solution.
UPDATE: (6.25.19) The court’s decision has been overturned on appeal. “This is a very welcome decision that will save the life of the unborn child and the mother from a forced late-term abortion and much undue distress, says Right to Life UK spokesperson Clare McCarthy. “However, the horrific original ruling should never have happened.” Right to Life UK’s petition to the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, urging him to intervene in this case, garnered over 75,000 signatures. A similar petition from Citizen Go had almost 120,000.

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  1. This is so wrong! The judge is not God! Let her mother help raise the baby! I’m glad I don’t live in this state! How aweful !